Meet Our Friend Nick And His Amazing Wildlife!

Photo: Nick and his not-so-Common Wombat 'Boo'

While there is no shortage of Wildlife Educators on the internet, few are more experienced or passionate than Nick.
Nick operates a private Zoo as a licenced Wildlife Demonstrator called Wicked Wildlife in rural Victoria and has an extensive history working with some of Australia's most incredible Wildlife all over Australia in a multitude of capacities.
Nick also has a popular YouTube channel - Wicked Wildlife, and there is no one we feel shares his knowledge about our Wildlife better.  Nick's videos are informative, inspiring and easy for anyone to relate to, including children.

We are very proud to be major sponsors of Nick's Wicked Wildlife, as we are equally dedicated to educating all Australians on our Wildlife and in particular, our misunderstood Snakes, and Nick does this so well.
So, if you haven't already discovered Nick's YouTube channel, get on it now by clicking the link below. 
All his videos are family friendly... you're children will love them all and I guarantee you'll enjoy them and learn something, too!



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