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  Name : Lois
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : From other Snake catchers
Comments : This business came to help on new years eve when no one else would. He arrived quickly and caught the snake and left. No messing about, efficient and friendly and obviously very experienced with dangerous snakes. I called him again the following day to ask more questions and he was very happy to answer my questions. I very much recommend this service.
Date : 3-Jan-22

  Name : Marc Austen
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google ad
Comments : Nick came out and searched our workshop after we had spotted a snake. We thought it was going to be a massive effort and a needle in a hay stack, but Nick knew exactly where to look and found a five foot snake in just a minute. It was a brown snake and highly dangerous so we are very glad it could be located. Thanks Nick and have a great Christmas and hopefully I never need to call you again but glad I have your number just in case.
Date : 23-Dec-21

  Name : David M.
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Recommended by another business
Comments : Mick arrived quickly and captured our huge Dugite from the kids room. God knows how it got in there. Mick reckons it's come in thru the garage internal door and travelled thru the hosue. probably correct as theres no way into the kids room from outside. Just lucky we saw it and lucky Mick came so quick. Mick got the job done and gave the whole family a talk about snake safety too.
Date : 8-Nov-21

  Name : Chin Lim
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : google searching
Comments : I found thought a snake on my grass when we cutting the grass and we phone the snake people and they came and found the lizard not a snake we did not see the legs. the lady picked up the lizard and it was quite like a kitten. The people take it to the forest at the lake for the new life not near my house. Very happy in the snake people.
Date : 23-Sep-21

  Name : Les Murdie
Web Site :
Country : Perth
How you found us : Gumtree
Comments : Great to learn about the service you provide. Your website is informative and interesting. I will pop your number on the fridge in case we ever find a snake in the house.
Date : 16-Aug-21

  Name : Melissa Dwyer
Web Site :
Country : Naval Base, WA.
How you found us : Google search
Comments : We employed Mick from Perth Reptile Relocations to attend our factory and worksite to conduct a snake safety check. Mick was on-site for more than two hours and we received a very comprehensive and helpful report within twenty-four hours. We have managed to implement many of his suggestions already so we can increase safety on site for our employees.
Date : 30-Jun-21

  Name : Brett Wynyard
Web Site :
Country :
How you found us : Google Ads
Comments : Professional snake man. Arrived quickly and did the job quickly. Educated some of my staff on basic snake first aid before he left. Would call again if we found another snake on site.
Date : 21-Jun-21

  Name : David
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google
Comments : Some months ago now we spotted a snake in our garage. Unsure what it was we called the snake catcher. Michael came with his very young girl assistant and together they methodically searched through all the junk in our garage. Before long the young girl spotted it and very calmly assisted her dad in catching the snake. She secured it in a large container and wandrered off to the car with it, returning with a business card for me. I think she has done it all before! As it happened it was a dangerous dugite so we are glad we called them out. Very professional people and the young lass was most impressive, we still talk about her here from time to time. Recommended snake catching business.
Date : 27-May-21

  Name : Dawes Family
Web Site :
Country : Perth, Australia
How you found us : Google Ad
Comments : Perth Snake Catching were excellent when we needed them. We had a brown snake in my daughter's room and Michael arrived quickly and caught it and took it away. He was very kind and had a great conversation with my daughter about snake safety. Five Stars!
Date : 23-May-21

  Name : Vinesha Mahendran
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : searching
Comments : He was really very good. Took the snake away from us and very happy and polite.
Date : 21-May-21

  Name : Natalie and Ian
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google search
Comments : Michael came quickly to our Bibra Lake home after we discovered a snake in the house. Michael informed us after he captured it that it was a highly venomous dugite from the brown snake family. He told us this while holding it by its tail and it was trying to bite him. He did inform our children of the dangers and explained what to do whenever they see a snake. Michael took the snake away for release hopefully far away from us.
Date : 9-May-21

  Name : Blake
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google
Comments : Mick was good. He found and got the snake ok but charged me like 100$ and he was here for like one hour. I didnt ask for the snake here so it should be free to have someone from wildlife take it away as its a safety thing for familys.
Date : 23-Mar-21

  Name : Michael
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Another snake catcher told me to call you
Comments : Mick was great. He travelled a long way to help and got here quickly. He knew just where to look for the intruder and caught it in no time flat. He searched our property to put our minds at ease and showed us what we can do around the garden to help prevent further snakes in future. He even educated my two young children on what to do if they come across a snake
Date : 19-Mar-21

  Name : Jeff & Kaz Hunter
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google search
Comments : Living across from a lake and bushland, we are always aware that snakes could come across to our home. We didn't think that a 6 foot dugite would stroll in one day and decide to get comfy under our outdoor deck. Luckily we called Mick to the rescue. He was unbelievable from the get-go. So professional, knowledgeable and calm when it mattered. It was a long drawn out couple of days but finally our slippery friend was safely in Micks snake bucket and off to a better home in bushland far from our house. It is very comforting to have someone like Mick you can call to help you in these situations. Such a lovely man who genuinely cares about what he does. We wouldn't hesitate to call Mick again or recommend him to anyone needing his help. Thankyou Mick
Date : 18-Mar-21

  Name : David McNamara
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google search
Comments : Prompt, friendly and competitively priced.
Date : 26-Feb-21

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