Why We Do What We Do...

Jemma (11) already keen and learning the trade.

As a very young child I had a real passion for our native Wildlife, in particularly reptiles and amphibians.  My parents were supportive of my interest and I amassed a considerable collection of various lizards, turtles, frogs and others.  Role models for me included the greats of the time, including Harry Butler, Malcolm Douglas and Rob Bredl and I longed to be just like them.
Childhood visits to places such as Healesville and Bimbimbie Wildlife Parks cemented my desire to work with our Wildlife in a hands-on capacity.
It was a long time coming but eventually I had the opportunity to do so, opening a pet store in Warrnambool, Victoria called Repti-Life Unique Pets which specialised in pets with a difference, such as snakes, lizards, frogs and turtles and even invertebrates such as spiders, giant cockroaches, rhino beetles and giant millipedes. At times we managed to source other unique pets such as freshwater mussels, freshwater eels and giant mudskippers!

In time, Repti-Life lead to another operation for us; Kinder Kritters - Reptiles In The Classroom.  It was a long and difficult process getting off the ground due to legalities and red tape, but eventually Kinder Kritters allowed us to share our passion by taking our ever-growing collection of native animals into classrooms across our region, inspiring and educating children and adults on the importance of our wildlife and environmental conservation.
Our home had essentially become a Zoo, as we shared it with an array of Pythons, Elapids (Venomous Snakes), Monitors, Dragons, Geckos and other Lizards, Turtles, Frogs, Wallabies, Potoroos, Gliding Possums, Native Mice and even a Crocodile.  Our four children were very lucky indeed to have been surrounded by so many wonderful animals sharing our home.

Unfortunately, situations change, and eventually we had to move on from Repti-Life and Kinder Kritters but Wildlife has remained a big part of our lives.  I have devoted considerable time over the years while my children were younger, teaching them about our native fauna, both in the home and in the bush and I hope that someday they will pass on that knowledge and respect for our Wildlife to their own children.

These days, I get my Wildlife 'fix' exploring National Parks, Wildlife Reserves and bush blocks in search of my favourite native Aussies; the Venomous Snakes and as a Licensed Snake Catcher I regularly have the opportunity to interact with them closely, which is a brilliant opportunity to get hands-on with a variety of snakes and other reptiles.

Some of my children attend and assist on call-outs learning the trade and will soon begin formal training to join me in the field catching and relocating venomous snakes and other reptiles. 

We reckon we've got the best job in the World!          #bestjobever


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