Prevention Is The Best Approach...


No one wants to find a potentially deadly snake in their home or backyard, but there are some simple things you can do to keep your family and your pets safe.

CLEAN UP!  Rubbish laying around and unkempt gardens can become a haven for snakes.  Keep lawns short and bushes trimmed above ground level.  Agapanthus plants, for example, are a favourite hideout for snakes.  If there's nowhere safe to hide, snakes will generally not stick around and will quickly move on.

LANDSCAPING:  If you have created a garden thick with cover, native vegetation and even a permanent body of water such as a pond, you can expect to see snakes regularly on your property.  Consider this when developing or renewing your garden.

CONTROL RODENTS:  An endless supply of food will attract snakes and they'll be more likely to remain on the property while food is plentiful.

COMPOST BINS:  Ensure compost bin lids are tightly secured, although in most cases snakes will access compost bins by utilising tunnels created up through the waste by rats and mice.  Compost bins generate heat, provide shelter and attract rodents and birds... three reasons why a snake would love to move in!
Always open a compost bin by lifting the opposite side up and back towards you. This gives a snake the chance to flee and minimises the risk of you being bitten by taking the snake by surprise and having the lid opening right in front of you, as this would be the snakes nearest exit and you will be in it's path.

BIRD NETTING:  I hate bird netting, but if you really must use it, ensure it is not laying directly on the ground.  It is generally effective at protecting plants and trees even if it is gathered a little way above the ground.  Bird netting will entrap snakes very quickly causing great distress and severe injuries, and a distressed snake is a very dangerous snake.  Untangling a scared, pained snake from bird netting is a very dangerous exercise for a Snake Catcher.

CHICKEN COOPS:  Take care when entering poultry sheds or bird aviaries... these places attract rodents so will often harbour snakes looking for an easy meal, shelter, warmth and a source of fresh water.

WOOD PILES:  Try and elevate your fire wood off the ground.  It's no guarantee that a snake can't or won't move in, but it is a lot less likely.  Be careful when collecting wood from your pile and always wear thick gloves at a minimum.  Remember; snakes do not hibernate as such, and can be active all year round.

SOLAR SNAKE REPELLERS:  Do NOT waste your money on these.  They simply do not work. None of them.  They should be illegal to sell as they are nothing more than a sham.  I have personally seen snakes curled up around these things, sleeping.  I have been called to properties littered with Solar Snake Repellers to remove completely undeterred snakes.

If you see a snake and it's not posing a threat to you or your neighbours, you may decide to leave it continue on it's way.  If you would rather have it safely removed, call us.
Remember to maintain a safe distance from the snake and keep a watchful eye on it until a Snake Catcher arrives.

Do NOT try to catch or kill a snake! Snakes are protected in every state and territory of Australia and heavy penalties apply.  It should be noted that the majority of snakebites occur while trying to catch or kill a snake, so please call a professional.

Snakes aren't out to harm us and certainly don't chase people.  What can be seen as aggressive behaviour is actually defensive behaviour... they are just as frightened of us as we are of them, and sometimes will retaliate in the only way they know how.
Most snakes in the Perth region are venomous to some degree and should be treated with care, caution and respect.

Remember... Be nice to snakes!      

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