Our Fees & How To Pay...

Call Out Fee:

(Flat rate)  $50.00


Catch & Release Fee: 

(Includes up to one hour on-site)  $70.00


Additional search time on site:

(At client request, per hour)  $30.00


After Hours Service Surcharge:

(For calls received between 8pm and 6am)  $30.00



*NO additional surcharge on Sundays or Public Holidays*

*Reduced Rates for Non-Venomous Reptile Removals*

*Tax Invoices/Receipts supplied, sent directly to your Email or by Mobile SMS*

We offer Seven (7) Day Accounts for payment, or longer with prior arrangement.

We accept direct deposit, cash payments or PayPal.

Our Bank Deposit details are provided on our Tax Invoice.


PayPal Now Accepted! See your invoice for details!


Isn't this a free service?

The safe removal of venomous snakes from residential or commercial properties is not a free service.  Costs incurred by a professional Snake Catcher include training and refresher courses, annual licensing fees, public liability insurances, tools, fuel, vehicle running costs, appropriate clothing and protection, not to mention the time involved to travel, locate, catch the snake, provide advice and education to the client, travel to an appropriate release site, find a suitable location and release the snake, and then return home again.  This can be necessary at any time of day or night and can take hours to complete, taking us away from our day jobs and our families.
Fees charged are also used to treat and rehabilitate snakes as required, prior to their release.

Note that many "Pest Control" operators may charge $350 or even $450 for the removal of a venomous snake from your property.

Contact Details

Perth Reptile Relocations
City of Cockburn, WA
Phone : 0413 788 160
Email : [email protected]